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We all know life changes, things shift and magic happens when we are in that "high vibe".


So why do we not stay in that vibe all of the time?
Well, simply put... life happens. We get distracted. Priorities take over. It's not always easy to find our way back.
So I have made this SUPER SIMPLE with Meditate to Activate.
Everything YOU need, all in ONE PLACE.

Whatever you would like to activate today, you just click, and voila... we have a less than 10 minutes meditation that will put you right in the vibe that you wish to activate.

You desire to activate abundance....
You wish to activate peace...
You want to activate new clients...
It's on your heart to activate your intuition, creativity and new possibilities...√ √ √
This is one your one heart-centered place where you can come each morning to get into the space of creation, manifestation and connect with the abundant miracles that await you. Each day invite in the abundance you desire and deserve, with Meditate to Activate!

Meditate to Activate

Join Kate on a journey through 12 mediations to activate and unlock your fullest potential! 

Meditate to Activate: 

  • Your Life Purpose
  • Intuition
  • Abundance
  • Infinite Possibilities
  • Your Wildest Imagination and Dreams

And so much more! 

Amplify your

smiles + success

Even science knows, meditation will completely

change your life.

In a nutshell, the experts have proved that meditation reduces stress, increases our memory and makes us all-around nicer humans.

But, I'm in it for the tingles.

The practice of meditation was the first thing that ever allowed me to experience true inner joy....true happiness from the inside out...elation that was not connected to anyone or anything outside of myself. It took me 12 days to of consistent meditation to feel this. And that was it. I was hooked.

And now I want to share that same joy and connection to the divine with all of you.

Purchase Meditate to Activate for $27